I'm a professional sports bettor based in the UK but originally from Turkey. I've been betting seriously for over 20 years now but only began specialising in the early 2000's when my work commitments settled down.

In the decade or so prior to this, I had been travelling pretty much across the world for various jobs and developed extensive knowledge of the betting industry from a variety of different cultures. The most educational of which was time spent amidst a Việt Kiều sub-culture in Russia where the style I was later to adopt as a professional would have it's foundations.

Whilst I happily bet on most world football, my "bread 'n' butter" is the Turkish Super League, specifically the Asian markets.

So who am I?
After an eventful few years where despite being  highly intelligent, of sound mind, very successful and impeccably modest, I found myself fall victim to a sometimes chronic sickness - BOREDOM - and to cut this long story short (I will deal with the long version in the blog occasionally), I became embroiled in some on-line incivility with a bunch of contemptible morons on a forum..

I will address this later in my blog but suffice it to say, the original idea for this site was essentially a right to reply to some quite despicable abuse that I still receive to this day.

I'll also be looking to discuss anything that rears it's ugly head in the betting world.

Cassini is a source of much inspiration for things to have a moan about and whilst he is admittedly quite pompous and get's peoples backs up, I personally find his intelligent brand of humour rather amusing.


Moving on...

What is this site about?
The bulk of the content will be general betting advice posted free each Friday afternoon for the weekend games ahead. I will be posting selected ideas each week, but I reserve the right to withhold information as I see fit. Whilst I'm happy to share information and welcome interaction, I don't accept any rights on my time.

I will be posting frequently between these times too with what may be deemed either incisive criticism or inane ramblings depending on your viewpoint. I welcome debate if anybody thinks I'm in the wrong so feel free to comment away, I will always publish (I do moderate to stop the link-posters but if your comment is a comment, I will always post it).

I will be using these "free posts" to address a variety of concerns I have about some of the stuff posted by self-proclaimed "experts". Since the majority of readership is not betting-sharp, very little they say is ever called into question.. I on the other hand will be asking lots of questions..

I also intend this site to be educational so will be devoting time to a number of areas worthy of discussion and am open to requests from readers if there is anything specific that they'd like to see covered..

Will this site remain free?
Absolutely 100% yes, nothing will ever change.

So you do plan to sell eventually?
Erm, no.

That's not actually true! I have no plans to change the existing format of free selections and free advice/articles but do both reserve and plan to execute the right to supply related and more advanced products for a reasonable fee to compensate me for my time in producing them.

Generally what I mean is, I don't intend to go 'mega-commercial' and will NEVER charge for my free selections no matter what the future holds. I do get irritated by all these 'FREE' tipsters that see the pound signs when they get a bit of a following and make their services paid... I already run a paid service and that is not, nor ever has been the motive behind this blog.

More importantly, this site is not supported by affiliate schemes from bookmakers or casinos as they kind of flies in the face of what we're trying to do here in my opinion. There will be occasional adverts from Google, (the content of which I have no control over ) but these will be occasional and will not litter the text. Typically, if you see them then I am just testing certain things out to see whether or not it's worth bothering with at all.

What is your reason for doing it?
The short answer is, I enjoy it and I'm bored. It's new ground for me and a learning curve ahead.

The long answer is, I don't really feel there';s a lot out there that gives back to the community. Certainly not from a betting context at any rate and whilst there is a lot of very good work being done in football stats at the moment, it's not really intended for use in betting and I'd like to think I can make some of these ideas more applicable and accessible to the amateur.

Another consideration for me is to counter some of the garbage that's offered up as betting strategy and hopefully help a few people avoid the trap such info inevitably will present down the line.

Drop a comment, flame away, should be fun.

(I do use choice language occasionally as some points really can't be conveyed properly without it.
Hopefully we're all adults and can just get over it.)